Low Country Holidays

Mike & Iris Down
Monument View, Townfoot, Alston CA9 3HX United Kingdom

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If you would like a quote or just want some additional information or advice please contact us by email

We spend almost half our time in the US, a lot of the time travelling which is why we do not publish a phone number.  We therefore prefer that you contact us via email but if you wish to speak by phone then please give us a time and a number and we will call you.


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Get involved

If you would like to post a comment about our site or would like to provide feedback regarding any of our resorts or holidays you can visit our blog page.

Alternatively, you can view our Facebook Page where we post regular updates, photos and videos.

Our Payment policy

We do not generally ask you for a deposit unless we are ourselves required to provide one to the resort.

We will send a payment reminder for the complete balance two weeks before it is due which is generally 8 weeks from departure, unless stated otherwise.

Payment must be via Wire Transfer direct to our US bank account.

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